Enrollment process consists of several steps as below:
  • Payment for registration fee and filling the admission form.
  • Students need to be assessed through psychological test to know their readiness to follow our academic journey. (Stage 1)
  • Parents will be invited to an interview session afterward. This session aims to discuss about child’s psychological assessment result and build same perspective and objective between madrasa and parents based on these two stages of assessment, we will provide a Letter of Offer to children. (Stage 2)
  • We will invite children to uniform size fitting and order it to our tailor. Afterward we will inform parents if the uniforms are available.
  • Academic payment. After accepting the letter of offer, parents can pay all academic fees which will be explained in details by our officer. Three times installment is allowed by following details:
Installment I: 50% Installment II: 25% Installment III: 25%