Announcement will be delivered to parents through information board, whatsapp group, email or letter which is put inside the daily report book. We regret that we cannot deliver mail/ report to student’s house.

We provide Whatsapp Group for each class for these following functions:

  • To inform any update from madrasa
  • To facilitate parent if there is any concern. Concerns about learning process should be addressed to the Room Leader and if it is related to madrasa procedures, it can be directed to our Customer Relation Officer (CRO). Both of them are available in the Whatsapp Group.

For personal notification, we will contact parent personally by phone, whatsapp, short message or personal letter. We are also pleased to invite parent to discuss about their children development in madrasa, if needed.

On the other hand, if parents need to communicate about their concerns or inconveniences, please contact our CRO or Student’s Support Service Officer (“Tripple S”).