Congratulations, the winners of the Al-Azhar 55 Expo 2019

26-27 January 2019

“Spelling Bee!”
1st place, Ihsan Anugrah Pradana, P-Two student of Afkaaruna Primary

“Musabaqah Hifdzil Qur’an (MHQ)”
1st place, Laila Kheiza Tahira, P-Two student of Afkaaruna Primary
3rd place, Tsurayya Nurul Ma’arif, P-Two student of Afkaaruna Primary

You are a genuine legend and motivation to every one of us

Aryo Bramasto, Associate Account Officer, PT BCA Syariah, Tbk Yogyakarta. Parent of Kinanti Alisha, Kindy B Student

Afkaaruna Islamic School is a place where children can socialize and learn together according to Rasulullah’s path and Islamic character. It functions not only as a place to learn, but also a place for them to play together, express their …

Najib Kailani, Ph.D. Graduate School Member of Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University, Parent of Halwa Ayesha Maira

Afkaaruna Islamic School (AIS) provides a better milieu for my daughter to learn and understand Islamic teachings and values based on local culture. In addition, it also facilitates her to participate in global environment through its international program especially Cambridge …