The payment of academic charges could be in cash or bank account transfer. For cash payment could be made through our CRO (Customer Relation Officer) in Front Desk. Type of academic payments are:

  • Tuition Fee

Tuition fee needs to be paid monthly in a period of dates 1-10 of the month. The billing statement will be delivered through student’s daily report book, and picture sent through personal whatsapp. If there is an overdue, we will remind sending billing statement picture to parent’s personal whatsapp or make a phone call.

  • Yearly Fee

Yearly Fee that consist of learning pack, yearly program, health insurance & PEM need to be paid in the beginning of each academic year, when students’ re-registration period. This fee is used for stationary and students’ activities along the year.

  • Academic Development Fee

Academic Development Fee & infaq for infrastructure needs to be paid only at the first time children are admitted in madrasa.