Retno Amalia Susanti, Parent of Muhammad William Enzo, Kindy A Student

As parents of young children the choice of school is usually a difficult decision.

After visiting AIS we were immediately comfortable in the county side setting, the Head of the Foundation (Pak Samsul Ma’arif Mujiharto) and his team of educators are dedicated to providing a comprehensive education with a very strong foundation in the Islamic religion. Insya’ Allah the perfect start to forming a new generation of young people with good “akhlaq” and Islamic morals. The vision and mission of AIS combined with a broad curriculum provides a strong start in the long journey of learning.

Well done AIS, to a great future and our trust, as always, in the education of William.



    1. Amiin, our Madrasa comes with the vision of “preparing students to become al-insaan al-kaamil and locally rooted global citizens”

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