Structured Character Building Program

“We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character -that is the goal of education”

[Martin Luther King Jr.]


Afkaruna Islamic School prepares each child with strong character to thrive in a future globalization era. Considering this point, we have designed several programs as follow:

  • News day (once a week)

Students bring items from home to be presented in the class. It aims to improve students’ communication and presentation skills

  • Saving day (once a week, every Thursday)

Students bring their money and save it in the Koperasi “Afkaa Sejahtera Bersama”.

  • Infaq day (once a week, every Friday)

Students bring money for infaqand charity in order to promote empathy among students

  • Ten Minutes forEnvironment (Everyday)

Students are engaged in activities focusing on environmental issues in order to improve their environmental awareness, develop an understanding of sustainable environment, also respect and appreciate nature.

  • Business Corner Activity (every semester)

Primary students bring foods/drinks or crafts to sell at madrasa once in a semester.

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