Afkaaruna Learning Pack [ALP]

  1. ALP Al-Dirasah Al-Islamiyyah (ALP Diris)

ALP Dirisis conducted every morning. These activities are the first learning pack for studentsaiming for building Islamic habits and improving students’ capabilities in Reading Qur’an, memorizing surah and Arabic literacy. ALP Diris also consist of knowledge and practices of IbadahYaumiyah such as ShalatFardhu, ShalatSunnah, ShalatBerjamaah, Zikir, Daily D’ua, and Infaq.

2. ALP English (Story Based Learning&Pronunciation)

Not only it was conducted in 30 minutes practice session every day, but ALP English will also function as a learning subject with two meetings in a week. It is served as a basicand extension of students’ English skills.

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